ACD Connect offers part-time positions for seasoned customer service representatives, processing calls from home for non-profit organizations.

We employ applicants with exemplary etiquette, communication, language proficiency, friendliness and optimism.

We are specifically looking for self-motivated representatives who have the ability to demonstrate empathy and gratitude with each caller while maintaining a professional manner in a team environment.

Part-Time Scheduling

Employees are scheduled 25-29 hours per week, and up to 36 hours depending on our client's needs during peak seasons.

Assigned hours will fall within the Call Center Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EST, and Saturday 10am to 5pm EST.

Assigned shifts of 4 - 7 hours are established on a monthly basis.

Flexibility and reliability is required as schedules may occasionally change with little notice.

Hiring States

Colorado / Florida / Georgia / Illinois / Indiana /

Iowa / Kansas / Missouri / Nevada / North Carolina /

Ohio / Oregon / South Carolina / Texas / Utah /

Virginia / Washington / Wisconsin /

Minimum requirements

   High school diploma or equivalent

   Experience with spreadsheets (Excel or Google Docs)

   Language proficiency

   Knowledge of customer service principles and practices

   Experience in a call center or customer service environment

   Knowledge of administration and clerical processes

   Active Antivirus and Malware Software

   Home office free of background noise and distractions

Minimum equipment requirements

    Windows 7 or higher w/2 GB RAM or Internet Explorer 10 or higher

    Private, hardwired internet connection and phone line (landline or qualified VoIP service, free of all features)

    Noise cancelling headsets with mute function hardwired to phone and computer

Pay Rate

ACD Connect offers competitive hourly wages.

Periodic evaluations are conducted and pay increases are given at the company's discretion.

Paid time off is awarded based on hours worked and can be used after an initial 6 month probation period.